...And to spend their day on board, followed the advice of Captain Silverio!

First, before you set sail, you have to check the marine weather forecast (you just click here!).
After checking the marine forecast, it is always good to dress properly, to have with them all the necessary equipment and make a proper diet to avoid hassles at sea ...
Is not required to perform a specific clothing navigation, but it is always good to be equipped with everything you need depending on the season!
In spring and autumn:

  • anorak
  • binoculars / telescope and camera

In the summer:

  • beach wear
  • bonnet
  • beach towel
  • cream / sunscreen
  • binoculars / telescope and camera
  • (If the day is "grey" is always better to bring a sweater a bit 'heavier)

It is also appropriate to make a proper breakfast/power before boarding, preferably consuming salty foods, bread, cheese or potatoes and avoid milk, coffee, fruit/citrus fruits, alcoholic beverages and carbonated, while for smaller consume a sandwich Ham is just fine!

And if you fear to suffer from seasickness, the best and healthiest are the classic bracelets for seasickness (which can always be reused even in case of bad car or plane...) and that you can buy at any chemists: here found all chemists present the island of Elba and here the schedule of chemists present island of Elba.

...Following these our few tips, you can spend the most pleasant days on board!