The crew

A long history of game from the island of Ponza, one that distinguishes us now for many years, when the "founding fathers" of our shipping company chose the Elba island as ideal when moving to devote to fishing activities but with a eye to the potential and the development of tourism in the largest of the islands of the Tuscan archipelago: thanks to this focus on tourism Elba grew our business, a seafaring tradition passed down for decades, from generation to generation and still reach forward by the commander of the ship Silverio Magic Princess who will welcome you on board and will be happy to help you discover the most beautiful corners of the island of Elba transmitting to all guests on board their knowledge and love for his island of Elba.
All crew is composed of sailors source Elba, deep and experienced connoisseurs of this island and these coasts, which guarantee safety and professionalism on board.